Wednesday, April 05, 2006



I just finished a long post regarding my experiences with the UIPAB and lost it to the void. Anyways, I'll summarize here:

-Microsoft Partner Program suggests UIPAB v. 2.0
-Seems like a good idea after some quick research (navigation, abstraction, state management) so I do a POC
-POC works after some quick schema work.
-Do design of the main ASP.NET 2.0/C# project.
-Finish design.
-Start coding on design.
-After some deep research find out that the UIPAB has been dropped for .NET 2.0 and they are now focusing on the Composite Application Block, and some yet to be written Web Application Block.
-Project can't wait, but is thankfully a modular design so I can replace that portion.
-Team members are uncomfortable using a depreciated component (I am as well).
-See Kent B. showing up quite a bit in UIPAB posts talking about it, mentioning his Ingenious MVC, and generally being helpful.
-Ask Kent to e-mail me his Ingenious MVC.

Finally I am just wondering if anyone has used Ingenious MVC or has any comments/experience regarding the UIPAB.


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