Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Go go Profile Providers!

It was an interesting day yesterday. Got into a discussion about launching UI applications in another thread, and the general concensus was to have events fired from within a worker thread that are caught by the UI then Invoked against the UI thread, doing this to get around having to have a separate message pump. I ended up actually just launching the form in the other thread and refreshing it to update itself (it was just a simple progress bar form). it seemed to work out well, however I think in the future I will follow the other route, especially separating business logic out of the UI layer. Normally I would have done that, however in this particular application I just wanted something quick and simple, which it's working out to be so far.

In other news, I wonder if anyone really will shell out $400 for Vista Premium. Anything over the $200 range seems rediculous to me in particular, however the new pricing scheme has yet to be released officially. Just doesn't seem right to me though.

Also, if you know of anyone looking for an Administrative Assistant, or Data Entry person, paricularly in the psychology field, please let me know ASAP. My wife is currently looking for a job in those fields.

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