Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Decisions, Decisions

After the past two days of Oracle craziness I am most definitely ready to start work on building the site I've designed. The biggest question is whether or not to finish the providers or the data conversions first. To do the data conversion I need to finish the Membership provider at the very least, however I should be able to get some reasonable test data into the new schema for further development. So I'm just deciding that now.

I do currently have a functional version of the DAAB that works on .NET 2.0 with the ODP.NET Beta on Oracle 10g (tested on XE, however it should be just as happy with the full blown version and that's where this particular project's data store will be living) and would be happy to share any help I can with that.

Other than that I'll post more news as I come across things.

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